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    Unique :

    Stronghold of dedicated, experienced and motivated agents.
    UNICA is represented by over 70 members from most important hubs of world trade. "Unique" is the perfect description of team work in the alliance.

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    Culture :

    UNICA is a multi cultural entity. We cherish our cultural values and differencies believing it enriches our group capacity.

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    Live :

    Annual meetings to encourage the power of one on one dialogues contributing our main motive : Moving Forward. UNICA partners meet, greet and bring their projects to life together.

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    Strong Branding :

    Key to global success. Each individual member aims to represent UNICA brand with paramount efforts & highest quality.

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    Synergy :

    The common value is generating the group synergy among the members and delivering the success to the end customers together.


Aduantir was established in 1979 in Venezuela, near the port of La Guaira, the country's strategic point for imports and exports . Founded by Mr.Franco Scazzieri, in a short time the Company met with unexpected growth . Mr Scazzieri rapidly qualified himself as one of the most reliable customs operators and private shipping agents in the whole of Venezuela. Franco Scazzieri’s first concern was to give the company a personal and professional imprinting. The Company he led at the time took a particular care of the human and social aspects of the people of the country, the growth and the happiness of its personnel, at the same time offering to the customers reliability and safety for the goods entrusted to the company.

In 1998 Franco Scazzieri returned to Italy, leaving a strong and reliable team in Venezuela, and opened a new office in Bologna: Aduantir s.r.l. with the objective of expanding the commercial aspects of the Company, of acquiring new customers, enlarging the business. The Bologna company continued to provide the same plus that had established its previous success in South America: knowledge of the subject and areas, knowledge of the issues and ability to find solutions, knowledge of the opportunities, ability to evaluate the most appropriate means according to the type and timing of the goods to ship.

In 2009 a new office was opened in Bogota, Colombia's capital and strategic, cultural, economic, industrial and political center of that country. Its objective was to strengthen the presence of Aduantir Group and its services in South America.

In 2010 Franco Scazzieri moved the Italian Company Branch to a new office in Bologna. New personnel were added to the team, centralizing the entire Company's business and coordinating managerial and marketing campaigns with the South American branches, connected through the most modern computer systems and new Internet-related technologies.
Plaza El Consul, Edificio Bnd 1 piso, Maiquetia, Venezuela
+58 212 332 0550
+58 212 332 1185
Willian Rivas
Alexander Salazar
Airfreight, Seafreight, Roadfreight, Customs Brokerage, Oversize Shipments