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    Unique :

    Stronghold of dedicated, experienced and motivated agents.
    UNICA is represented by over 70 members from most important hubs of world trade. "Unique" is the perfect description of team work in the alliance.

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    Culture :

    UNICA is a multi cultural entity. We cherish our cultural values and differencies believing it enriches our group capacity.

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    Live :

    Annual meetings to encourage the power of one on one dialogues contributing our main motive : Moving Forward. UNICA partners meet, greet and bring their projects to life together.

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    Strong Branding :

    Key to global success. Each individual member aims to represent UNICA brand with paramount efforts & highest quality.

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    Synergy :

    The common value is generating the group synergy among the members and delivering the success to the end customers together.

UNICA is a dynamic; multinational freight forwarders’ alliance that aims to bring high quality freight forwarders together under the same roof and assist them to promote their services to eachother while competing in fast, tough global market conditions. The advantages of being in UNICA are;

Strong Team Work

UNICA members enjoy being in a dynamic team consisting of companies that are experienced in several leagues of logistics from seafreight, airfreight to warehousing. Our members are skillfull, dedicated and competative service providers. The common value is generating the group synergy among the members and delivering the success to the end customers together.

Wide Area Coverage

UNICA is represented in 5 continents and in more than 80 countries already. We are glad to see the momentum of signing new members up to cover almost all important, critical ports and gateways of world trade. The alliance, delivers sophisticated solutions from any trade routes exits on the globe.

I am really running out of words  “thank you” It’ll never be enough to express my feeling

Hend FAWWAZ, Noble Cargo Care

Reliable Service Scale

Average age of UNICA member companies is between 4-6 years. % 35 of our member entites have been incorporated more than 10 years a go. Age of new applicant company is one of the criterias at UNICA to sustain reliable and stable relations withing the alliance fiscal and operational wise. All members duly accept and apply code of conduct as a sign of sheer dedication to the network & team idea.

Sharing The Know-How

We recruit new members based on internal referral system only. Existing members invite their long term partners into UNICA to enrich the group energy. Tough it triggers a natural growth of the business running within the alliance. There’s no payment based membership structure at UNICA. Members are the owners of the alliance at the same time. Core of the network has been coded by “sharing is the ultimate profit source for all of us” idea.