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    Unique :

    Stronghold of dedicated, experienced and motivated agents.
    UNICA is represented by over 70 members from most important hubs of world trade. "Unique" is the perfect description of team work in the alliance.

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    Culture :

    UNICA is a multi cultural entity. We cherish our cultural values and differencies believing it enriches our group capacity.

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    Live :

    Annual meetings to encourage the power of one on one dialogues contributing our main motive : Moving Forward. UNICA partners meet, greet and bring their projects to life together.

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    Strong Branding :

    Key to global success. Each individual member aims to represent UNICA brand with paramount efforts & highest quality.

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    Synergy :

    The common value is generating the group synergy among the members and delivering the success to the end customers together.

How can I be member of UNICA ?
Any company which is older than 2 years can apply for membership by registering their company through the Apply for Membership form.
What are the requirements ?
Once your application is received we contact you to request your incorporation documents to start your background check. As a second step we provide you the documents to fill and sign up. We also look for your referrals.
How many members per country ?
We have one agent per country rule except China, India, Russia and United States unless otherwise is mentioned on Locations page.
What are the benefits of becoming UNICA member
UNICA provides its members possibilities to develope business with reliable, experienced, background checked worldwide partners.
Where and how often partners meet ?
We held our 1st AGM in May 2013 in Istanbul. UNICA meetings take place in different cities each year in March.
What are the vacant countries ?
Please click on Locations button on upper menü to see countries fulfilled by UNICA partners. All other countries are vacant at that time being.
What are the rules of the alliance ?
We have a detailed Code of Conduct that is assisting all of us to coordinate partnership relations, payments, operational regulations, banking questions. It literally corresponds all questions you may have and can be obtained from UNICA directly.
Where is the head office of UNICA
UNICA head Office is located in Istanbul, Turkey
Do I have to attend to annual UNICA meetings ?
Yes. It is an obligation to represent your company and country by minimum one senior delegate on each meeting every year. Members that may fail to participate any second annual meeting will be expelled from the alliance.
Where and how may I use UNICA logo type ?
It is not a strict rule but members are free to use UNICA logo on their email signatures, web sites or any other company documents as long as their membership is valid. Members are receiving media pack including high resolution logo type upon registration.